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Welcome to "The Alliance" forums

Please read before registering a new account!

    These forums have been created to serve the needs of The Alliance.
    To be accepted as a registered user of this site, you must be a member of one of the orgs in The Alliance:

    To register:


    IMPORTANT: To register, your name must be your MAIN toon name, and MUST be formatted as follows:

    <org abbreviation>_<main toon name>


    <org abbreviation> = ACF or COH or REGS or AP or AC or SYN or JVC or PR or UHS or SP or NA or NF or CDN or LCG

    For example, COH_Joe1756 or REGS_fixgrider (imaginary names)

    (The abbreviation to use before your forums names when you register are:

      ACF: ACF_
      Athens Paladins: AP_
      Atrox Caelestis: AC_
      BSTRDS: BST_
      Code Dragon Noir: CDN_
      Coven of Hunters: COH_
      Haven: HAV_
      ImPacT: IMP_
      Les Coyote Girls: LCG_
      Mjolnir: MJ_
      Nordic Alliance: NA_
      Northern Front: NF_
      Phoenix Rising: PR_
      Regulators: REGS_
      Silence of The Leets: SOTL_
      Spectre: SP_
      Spirit: SP_ (Spirit and Spectre have the same prefix as they are two parts of the same org)
      The Asylum: TA_
      The Glowing NightFlies: TGNF_
      The Real Exodus: TRE_
      The Syndicate: TS_
      UHS: UHS_
      Unity of The Rose: UOTR_
      Valheru Ascendants: VAL_
      Zweiundvierzig: 42_

Note for org bots administrators ONLY: the abbreviations above are the ones your must use to identify your bot when you configure the relay to Alliance chat, without the "_". For example, the ID for Athen Paladins's bot is "AP", for Northern Front's bot "NF", etc.


President of [aTrox Caelestis] & [Deus Caelestis] [My posts]

    Too many alts to list
Take Care of Yourself Before You Take Care of Others

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